Plantation Shutters- Galveston

Plantation shutters are timeless as they complement any interior design style.

Plantation Shutters are the perfect window treatment for your Galveston Home! Shutters are also very popular because they can be designed to the shape of just about any arched or angled window. Not to mention, they add to your homes value as they are a fixed part of the house. Today’s shutters are more versatile than ever coming with many features to match the style and function that fits your home. Let’s dig deeper into two of the most important options to help you choose the right shutter for your Galveston home.


Real wood or Composite Shutters?

Wood Shutters-

Real wood shutters offer a warm and elegant look. Wood shutters come in many different paint colors.   Wood shutters can also be stained, giving the shutter a luxury appeal as the natural beauty of the wood grain is displayed. Wood shutters may be right for your Galveston home if you are wanting a stained shutter to highlight the warm and natural look to the room. Another benefit of the real wood shutter is the weight of the wood being lighter than composite materials. This benefit allows the shutter to come in wider panels for a better view and is a great option for very large window with long panels.



Composite Shutters-

Composite shutters offer the beauty of the painted real wood shutter at a more economical price point as they are made from synthetic materials. Composite shutters are more durable than wood shutters as they resist color fading, warping, or chipping. Composite shutters are a great option for high moisture areas like Galveston. Composite shutter may be right for your Galveston home if you want a shutter that’s more budget friendly, painted, easy to clean, and will be placed in high moisture areas.



Plantation Shutters are an excellent choice of window coverings for any style. Plantation shutters are a staple in southern homes complementing all styles and matching any décor. Let Made in the Shade help you choose the right plantation shutters for your Galveston home.