Exterior Shades


Exterior  Shades

Block the sun, not the view!

Exterior Patio Shades are a perfect solution for any home. Whether you’re enjoying a day on the patio entertaining guest or just having relaxing outdoor time with your loved one, exterior shades are sure to enhance your comfort. Exterior shades are a great option for your patio, front porch, balcony, deck, or gazebo. Let’s look at some of the ways exterior shades will instantly improve the quality of your outdoors experience without losing the views.


Heat Control

If the Texas heat is too hot to handle, exterior shades are perfect for you as they will significantly reduce the heat once lowered. Texas temperatures can easily reach triple digits during the summer sometimes making it impossible to enjoy the outdoors. Solar screen material absorbs most of the suns heat, which means more comfort and less sweat for you.

UV protection

One of the worst things about the sun is the UV exposure. UV rays from the sun are bad for our health and our furniture. Depending on the openness factor of the material, exterior patio shades will control the amount of UV rays your exposed to reducing the risk of sunburn, eye damage, and other health issues. UV from the sun can also damage your furniture by fading the fabric colors or damaging the wood. Exterior shades can block those UV rays protecting and extending the life of your furniture.

Glare control

Most of us nowadays like to sit on the patio and enjoy the weather while watching our favorite sports teams play. We all know how irritating it can be for the suns glare to take over the television preventing us from enjoying the game. Solar shade material allows you to enjoy those days by blocking the glare from the television. They can also reduce the glare on inside televisions caused by the sunlight coming through the window. Solar shades are like sunglasses for your window!



Daytime Privacy

Solar shade material is designed to allow you to see out, while preventing others from seeing in. This is perfect option if you just want to relax on the patio during the daytime in the comfort of your own privacy while still enjoying the view outside.

Keep the bugs out

One of the best options our solar shades come with is insect protection. These shades self-zip as they are lowered and seal off the opening to prevent insects from entering. You’re basically zipped inside of your patio. What a great option to keep those annoying mosquitoes out!

As you can see, there are many great reasons exterior patio shades are the idea solution to enhance to comfort of your outdoor living. These shades also have many control options from cost friendly manual chain to treating yourself with the convenience of motorized control linked to most home automation systems.



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