Roller Shades are a leading window treatment seller for many reasons including style, function, and operation. Let’s look at how each of these will help you decide the perfect roller shade for your Sienna home.

Beautiful Style: Roller shades come in many different fabrics that offer a wide range of texture, color, and pattern. From bold to subtle colors, or flashy to toned-down patterns, you are sure to find the right combination to enhance the style of your Sienna home.

Beautiful Function: Roller shades disappear, rolling up to the top of the window, leaving the beautiful views of Sienna unobstructed. Roller shades can be hidden behind a valance, facia, or cassette once they are up for a sleek, clean look. Roller shades can also be lowered, providing privacy for your Sienna home when you want to relax and enjoy family time. Want light control? Roller Shades can be positioned in any part of the window, controlling the amount of sunlight you let in. Don’t forget to add side and bottom channels for maximum room darkening.

Easy to Operate: Roller shades can be operated in many ways. Let’s find the one that fits your Sienna home.

First, a continuous loop can be used for control. Simply use the chain loop attached to the side of the roller shade to raise or lower the roller shade to your desired position. This is a cost friendly option that will also help keep the roller shade clean as only the loop is needed to open or close the shade. The continuous loop is always secure to the casing, making it a safe option for children or pets.

Next, we have cordless control. This is a great child safe option used as it eliminates cords and chains all together. This option also offers a cleaner look and is controlled with the ease of simply raising or lowering the roller shade down by hand.

Finally, motorization is a great option for so many reasons. Motorized roller shades allow you to control all the functions you desire with the touch of a button. This is the perfect option for those high (hard to reach) Sienna windows. Want to treat yourself further? Our motorized roller shades can be linked to most smart homes. This allows you to set desired times for the roller shade to open or close throughout the day. Or, simply say, “Alexa.. Lower my shade”.

Conclusion: Roller shades are affordable, easy to operate, and will compliment any style of your Sienna home. The features of roller shades are endless.

  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean
  • Offers light filtering or black out options
  • Energy efficient
  • Child safety control options

Let Made in the Shade Santa Fe help design that prefect roller shade for your Sienna home.

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