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Spring Cleaning your Window Coverings Galveston

Believe it or not, spring is just around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about spring cleaning. The best way to spring-clean your Galveston home is from the ceiling down. Starting at the top will prevent you from re-cleaning lower spaces as the debris falls. Once you get to the window coverings, there are many ways to clean them to get a fresh new look while removing the dust, pollen, and allergen buildup. Often times, people don’t know how to clean window coverings and are afraid of damaging them. Let’s look at the different types of window treatments and proven methods to give them a crisp new look.


Soft Treatments: Soft window coverings that are made from fabrics and textiles are very popular in Galveston. Soft treatments include drapes, curtains, swags, valances, cornice, roman shades, and sheer shades. Be sure to clean the fabric according to the material it is made from to prevent damage to the treatment.

For Cleaning:

  • Dust or Vacuum (with a brush attachment on a low setting) the front and back of the curtain or shade. Be sure to clean between the pleats and creases of the drapes, swags, and shades as they collect lots of dust.
  • Spot clean soiled areas of the shade or curtain with warm water and a touch of mild detergent. Blot the fabric stain instead of rubbing to prevent smearing the stain further or damaging the fabric.


Hard Treatments: Hard window coverings, such as blinds or plantation shutters, are made from real wood, composite, aluminum, vinyl, or faux wood. These types of window coverings also collect dust, pollen, and allergens but are easier to clean than soft window treatments. Let’s look at the best methods proven to clean each type of hard window coverings.

Real Wood Treatments– Real wood blinds or shutters require special cleaning while never getting the wood wet to prevent damaging, warping, or fading the wood.

For cleaning:

  • Vacuum on a light setting with a brush attachment to avoid scratching the wood while removing the dust and pollen.
  • Use a dust cloth to clean the slats and louvers. If further cleaning is needed, use a light spray of furniture cleaner on a cloth to wipe down the window treatment to give it a fresh look.
  • Use a small amount of light detergent and water to remove badly spoiled areas. Be sure to dry the treated area with a clean cloth immediately after cleaning.



Faux wood, Aluminum, Composite and Vinyl Treatments: Blinds and shutters made from these types of synthetic material make them very durable and easiest to clean.

For cleaning:

  • Vacuum or dust these treatments with a dust cloth to remove dust, allergens, and pollens.
  • For light stains, use a clean sponge with warm water and a light detergent to wipe down the treatment.
  • If needed, treatments of these materials can even be taken down and cleaned by spraying them with water, wiping them down, then drying them with a clean cloth. Caution should be taken when taking treatments down and hiring a professional may be necessary.


Conclusion: Window treatments are one of the first things people notice when walking into your Galveston home. Cleaning your window treatments will keep them looking fabulous and extend the life of the window covering. Want a fresh look for the spring with new window treatments? Let us bring our samples to you for a free in-home consultation by clicking Make an Appointment  or call us at (832) 946-6750.





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