Why you should have Motorized Window Coverings

Window Motorization

Are you considering motorized window treatments? Adding motorization to window coverings allows you enjoy many benefits. The number of motorized window treatments increases each year due to the benefits outweighing the price by far. These are 5 of our favorite benefits to motorized window coverings sure to increase the peace of mind in your home.


Home automation advances each year due to providing convenience at your fingertips with products such as thermostats, vacuums, dishwashers, audio, and video equipment. Made in the Shade motorized window treatments offer the convenience of being operated from a simple remote or from your home automation system for setting schedules or operating while you are away.

Child Safety

We all know how adventurous children can be in finding new things that capture their curiosity. Cords from window treatments are one of those things and are proven to be a safety hazard with children and pets due to strangulation. Motorized treatments remove the need for cords and eliminate the risk of injury or death for children and pets due to strangulation offering you a peace of mind.

Increases home energy efficiency

With motorized window treatments, you have the convenience to operate the window covering from the push of a button. Not having to manually adjust each window covering, the convenience of motorization inclines you to operate the treatment more often controlling the light and heat effecting the room temperature and increasing energy efficiency.

Motorized window coverings can also be controlled from your smart phone or most home automation systems allowing you to set times and schedules so that the window treatment will open or close creating consistency with energy efficiency.

UV Protection

Continuous exposure to sunlight can fade your flooring, furniture, and decor. Motorized window treatments (especially high windows) can be programmed to operate at scheduled times protecting your valuables from damaging UV rays saving money on repairs or replacements. Made in the Shade motorized window coverings can also be controlled by sun sensors for added protection from damaging UV rays.

Home Security

When leaving our home for work or vacation, we tend to wonder if our house will be safe while we are away or if it will be targeted by criminals. Motorizing your window coverings and scheduling them to operate while you are away will create the perfect deterrent for criminals. As the window treatments operate during scheduled times, criminals will assume people are home and be less likely to target your house.

Along with these great benefits, your motorized window treatments will also stay cleaner and last longer due to less hands handling the treatment. Let Made in the Shade upgrade your window coverings to motorization for you to enjoy these benefits.









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